Building a Community with Klei

We helped Klei develop a truly unique online identity to unify content, community, and commerce experiences for game lovers everywhere.

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Klei Entertainment
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Klei: It Rhymes With Play

Klei Entertainment is an award-winning indie game development studio based in Vancouver that creates video games for the PC and home gaming consoles.

Since they got started in 2005, they have created and released a number of ground-breaking games across multiple genres such as Don't Starve, Mark of the Ninja, Invisible, Inc., Shank, and Eets.

Their awesome games appeal to not only the young and tech-savvy, but to an older demographic as well.

... essentially, we needed an entirely new site. Something that was awesome on a desktop, tablet and phone. A site that is intuitive for our customers to discover and buy our games, and that simple for us to update and maintain

Corey Rollins
Corey Rollins
Klei Entertainment

The Challenges

  • Bring together all existing websites under a single easy-to-manage control panel
  • Design and develop the main website as a way to showcase the latest Klei digital and physical products with video.
  • Provide a system for launching new game landing pages that allows for easy customization and re-skinning.

The Solutions

  • Leverage an open source Content Management System (CMS) and integrate it with a flexible eCommerce solution to create a seamless online experience.
  • Create a brand identity inspired from Klei's games: bold, colourful, and a little quirky.
  • Produce a re-usable and easily extendable theme for the game landing pages to allow easy creation and provisioning, while allowing each to have its own unique identity.

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Our approach

Our approach to design and development for this project was rooted in delivering effective, intuitive, and modern results geared toward customer delight and conversion across target demographics.

Klei Logo Branding

Branding and Design

Klei's games are known to be eclectic, bold, smart, and inspiring. The bar was set high: we wanted to develop a web identity that their customers would love as much as they loved their games.

We worked closely with the Klei team to uncover how to best engage their audiences and to develop a language flexible enough to highlight the uniqueness of each of their games.

Drupal Logo

CMS Development with Drupal

Most of our clients want control of their website content, but with Klei we took this a step further. In the spirit of our "As self-reliant as desired, as supported as needed" philosophy, we implemented Drupal to provide Klei with a flexible and customizable backend, allowing them even greater control over layout and styling. Additionally, we implemented an extended theming system for the game microsites to allow for an even deeper level of customization. Each game microsite can be customized as little or as much as needed without affecting any other area of the website.

Drupal eCommerce

eCommerce Solution

The online store is completely integrated with the CMS to create a seamless shopping experience for both mobile and desktop users. Klei needed a site and store that was as easy for them to manage as it was for their customers to buy: easy sorting, featured items, promo-code inputs, simple searching, and clear calls-to-action. The Klei team can now easily add new products and games on the fly, manage promotions, and highlight featured items easily!

A Successful Launch

Like most innovative brands, Klei thrives on challenging paradoxes: familiar and unique, professional and sexy, friendly and transactional. Now, they can provide an all-around awesome experience to their customers and community with seamless connections between beautifully designed mini-sites for each game and the unified online store.

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