Taiga's electrifying experiential headless commerce storefront.

Taiga was born to electrify the off-road segment, the most challenging and demanding vehicle category. As a trailblazing off-road EV manufacturer, their product line includes mountain, trail, and utility snowmobiles, as well as personal watercraft models. We helped in building their headless commerce storefront ontop of Fabric's modular ecommerce platform.

Headless Commerce, Design system, NextJS, Stripe
Strategy, Implementation
Blazing fast, on a headless commerce stack.

Taiga Motors EV off-road vehicles are fast – and by selling their vehicles direct-to-consumer, it was expected that their storefront would need to act the same. In partnership with Origin Outside, we developed a design system within Figma alongside our NextJS powered composable frontend accelerator ontop of Fabric's headless commerce XM platform. The result is a blazingly fast experience for their end customers which pass core web vitals requirements.

Core web vitals. Passed.

Google's Core Web Vitals has three pillars: speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. It is continually being pushed by the ecommerce industry as guiding signals which affect metrics across an entire organization. From improving conversion-rate, SEO, and customer experience; improvements will all lead to increased revenue generation.

Taiga's relaunch on a headless commerce frontend, allowed the organization to not only pass Core Web Vitals, but improve overall performance by 263.2% overnight.

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