Hyper-scale your ecommerce experiences with composable commerce.

Our Composable Commerce Accelerator is a managed service and framework catered towards growing SMBs and early mid-market merchants looking to leverage headless commerce technology for growth on their existing BigCommerce, Shopify, Commerce Layer, or Fabric storefront.

Compass accelerates the delivery of a highly personalized headless ecommerce frontend for your customers by offering best-in-class foundational UI components out of the box.

Composable design system built in Figma and exportable to NextJS.

Our component system is built within Figma and is highly customizable to your brand and design language.

Using the Atomic Design Principles, our accelerator offers best-in-class ecommerce UX patterns and UI libraries which allow you the flexibility to build unique experiences for your customers.

Our design system also streamlines the development of web components within our composable commerce stack efficiently and effectively so that you can focus on operating your business – the way it should be run.

Our composable commerce integration ecosystem supports best-of-breed providers and vendors.

We can help accelerate your time-to-market by using vendors and providers whose technologies are purpose-built for ecommerce.

  • Shopify Plus Headless Commerce
  • BigCommerce Enterprise Commerce
  • Fabric Headless Commerce
  • Gorgias Ecommerce Customer Support
  • Yotpo
  • Contentful Headless CMS
  • Vercel
  • Prismic Headless CMS
  • Algolia eCommerce Search

Composable orchestration for ecommerce brands.

Our API orchestration layer which manages the complexities of your growing ecosystem of services, integrations, and external providers so that customer experience is never bottlenecked by the limitations of technology. Our service-bus is for connecting all of your integrations and external services under your control.

Features and benefits.

  • Beautiful Content Management

    Own your merchandizing experience for your customers by leveraging best-in-class headless CMSs such as Prismic or Contentful. Content changes can be staged and previewed prior to deployment to your live storefront.

  • Search from A to Z

    Integration into Algolia, an industry leading search engine, allows your customers to discover your full product catalog – from A to Z.

  • Multi-region, multi-currency, multi-warehouse

    Expand your storefront globally and stop worrying about running multiple instances on your ecommerce platform. We help extend the lifecycle of your ecommerce platform by working around these limitations.

  • Blazingly fast speed and performance

    Speed is everything for your customers and can have a direct impact on your conversion rate and revenue. Our front-end is blazing fast and can extend the shelf life of your existing Shopify or BigCommerce storefront.

  • Statically built, dynamically loaded

    We use SWR (Stale While Revalidate) hooks to asynchronously request real-time data about your storefront. Once loaded for your customer, we cache the data so that it's accessible within milliseconds, and instantly updated when new data becomes available.

  • Lazy, in the best way

    Images are fully optimized to be served statically and with minimum bandwidth requirements. Image assets are also loaded when needed, right before they scroll into view, so that initial pages are extremely fast to load.

  • Geographically distributed CDN

    All builds are statically generated, which allow us to geographically distribute your storefront frontend and speed up the delivery of your brand's experience to your end customer.

  • Peace of mind

    All requests are funnelled through HTTPS and SSL offering fully secure and encrypted communication between your technology services ecosystem and your customers. For requests with private information, logic, or validation (ex: a custom discount calculation on cart), we use a private and encrypted REST API for server-to-server communication.

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