eCommerce Enterprise Strategy

Drive revenue by tackling your biggest opportunities and challenges first.

We begin each of our projects with a discovery and planning phase. We review and complement or create all relevant documents for the success of our engagement: from brand guidelines to personas and avatars, to KPIs, campaign plans and key opportunities.

Ultimately, we will develop a rich understanding of your business, its goals and constraints, as well as your customers' needs and desires.

  • Persona/avatar development

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Definition of KPIs

  • Technology strategy

  • Content planning

  • Resource planning

Strategy in action.

A multi-month initial engagement with our client The Cross Decor & Design started with a discovery and planning phase that included the following steps:

Perform a complete buyer's journey and technology stack audit.
Gather and analyse business requirements that would lead to a redesign.
Select the technology vendors required for a new version of their site.
Explore rollout scenarios (risks, benefits and impact on business operations)
Consider a staffing strategy in anticipation of relaunch and newly projected growth.
Develop a final set of specifications to drive the implementation.

Bringing beautiful retail shopping online.

A seamless online/offline experience that brings the warmth of their brick & mortar store to the digital realm.

See how we transformed The Cross Decor & Design's eCommerce presence by implementing BigCommerce and integrating it with their POS, Lightspeed.

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