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We help established brands and retailers continue to innovate and grow their online store through data-driven strategy and technology.

eCommerce and marketing teams turn to us when

They are frustrated that even the smallest of changes on their website requires external expertise or requires them to have technical skills.

They are held back by the lack of responsiveness from their current agency or in-house team.

They lose business due to their ecommerce platform not properly scaling and being fast enough during high volume periods.

Their growth is stifled because their existing web agency lacks eCommerce specific knowledge, insights or skills needed for driving innovation.

Powered by Marketing Teams

Enabling Marketing Teams

The secret to increasing online sales and customer conversion is to take away the technological complexities and let marketing teams do what they do best.

Powerful content and product management, and intuitive workflows are core to our approach to building awe-inspiring, omnichannel shopping experiences.

Emotionally engaging and data driven

Outcomes Driven

Making informed decisions is a key success factor for any business. However, sourcing the information that really matters and making sense of it all can be challenging at best.

By providing robust data reporting tools, flexible analytics dashboards, and conversion rate optimization tools, we give our clients the agility to test assumptions and quickly make key decisions to drive their business forward.

eCommerce performance and scalability

The Right Technology

eCommerce is constantly evolving, making it easier for online retailers to grow their business. Sadly, it means that older and homegrown platforms can fall behind the times and have a negative impact on the business.

We have chosen to work with market leading platforms that not only consistently improve their product over time but that are able to sustain high volume periods, and scale with company growth. We ensure our clients are working with the best and most reliable platforms tailored to their needs now, and in the future.

Lightbulb: making ecommerce goals happen

Fast and Knowledgeable Support

From marketing initiatives to developing new features, busy online retailers can't wait on an unresponsive web team to become available. We know that growing a business is no small task and that time is of the utmost importance.

At The Jibe our clients receive a dedicated team ready to help whenever needed. Whether we take a more proactive role or more of a reactive one, we pride ourselves on our fast and friendly responses.

Systems integration

Backwards Compatible and Future-Proof

Successful online brands and retailers not only need the best uptime, speeds, and security possible, they need integrated solutions that play well with legacy and new systems.

We work with technologies ranging from open source to SaaS/cloud products to solve our clients' unique challenges. We help define the appropriate strategy and utilize the right technology to ensure the best possible ROI.

Open since 1970, Banyen Books & Sound has become Canada's richest source for body-mind-spirit resource. The Jibe team took on the job of both re-architecting and crafting a new e-commerce website for us. Offering some 28,000 products, is a fully functioning online store, its sales increasing steadily.
Kolin Lynworth
Kolin Lymworth
Founder and Director
Banyen Books & Sound

eCommerce Platforms for the Enterprise and the SMB

"What is the best eCommerce platform" is not a question that can be answered without understanding the context in which a given organization operates. We've selected a few carefully vetted solutions that allows us to address most use cases.

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