The Rich Commerce Experience

Our go-to platform for merchants who need an enterprise grade eCommerce solution that supports a fully customizable shopping experience.

Limitless Shopping Experiences

Unlike many eCommerce platforms, Magento allows our team to access the source code powering your eCommerce store. In addition to out-of-the-box enterprise features that are built to drive sales, your customer experiences can be tailored to mirror expectations—to the dot.

Native Internationalisation

Support for omni-channel performance and internationalisation is the key strength of Magento Commerce. Merchants can manage multiple country sites all from the same environment, using native multi-currencies, in multiple languages, with local tax rates, warehouse and shipping options.

Built for Marketing Teams

Business technology is at its best when it gets out of the way and lets the brand builders do what they do best. With features such as a drag-and-drop page builder, automated visual merchandising schemes and content staging, you can send updates at scheduled times, providing the agility needed to grow your online business strategically.

Native Integrated B2B Commerce

Modern B2B expectations have grown to meet those of B2C buyers—they too want frictionless self-serve ordering. Magento offers fully customizable native B2B capabilities that allow brands to create exceptional online experiences while supporting complex internal workflows and requirements.

Infusing a spirit of adventure into user experience.

While redesigning 7mesh’s eCommerce experience, we made it a priority to create a renewed sense of connection with their customers by focusing on their brand story and spirit of adventure.

Each product page now includes its own story told through video, photography, reviews, and testimonials—all easily updated by their marketing team, empowering their to continue to optimize and grow.

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