Why Consider Google Trusted Stores Program For Your eCommerce Site

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Valentine Maire

You probably already know that trust is a key component to success for any eCommerce store. Before making any online purchase, your customers want to make sure that it’s safe, quick and reliable to buy from your website.

So how can you reassure them and prove that your online store is trustworthy? One interesting possibility is to partner with Google and become a Google Trusted Store. Here’s why you may want to consider it.

What the Google Trusted Stores Program is About

The Google Trusted Stores program "helps online shoppers to feel more confident when purchasing online." If your online stores meets certain shipping and customer service performance metrics, you will be qualified to participate in the program for free. Once you become a Google Trusted Store, you’re able to display the Google Trusted Store badge on your eCommerce website, which can yield incredible results. Take for example Beau-Coup, an online wedding and baby shower supplier, increased its conversion rate and average order size right after becoming a Google Trusted Store.

Some Important aspects of the Google Trusted Stores program that helps build trust include:

Ratings: Customers can write reviews about your products and rate their shopping experience from 1 to 5 stars. With 88% of online customers saying they are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience, good ratings will definitely encourage more online shoppers to buy from your eCommerce store and potentially spend even more. Showcasing your status on Google ads: You can showcase your Google Trusted Store status on your Google AdWords campaigns. By doing so, you will differentiate your eCommerce store from the rest of the competition. If you don’t have a Google AdWords account yet, you should consider creating one now. Offering purchase protection: Your customers will get free purchase protection up to $1,000 from Google (conditions apply) if they opt in after checking out on your website. Perfect for customers new to online shopping or for those who’ve had poor experiences in the past. Improving online sales: Having the Google Trusted Store logo on your eCommerce store is not only a sign of recognition from Google, but it’s also a sign of trust which will affect how customers perceive your online store. If your online shoppers feel reassured about your store, there is a higher probability they will buy on it. You should also check your data on your Google Analytics account to see how your online sales have improved.

How to become a Google Trusted Store?

The process to become a Google Trusted Store is pretty simple, just follow these steps:

Creating a Google Trusted Stores account: First, you will need to create a Google Trusted Stores account. You will have to read and sign the agreements and inform Google a little bit about your business. Google estimates this step to last approximately 30 minutes. Completing a technical integration: Second, you will have to implement the required technical integration for your eCommerce store. In the past years, Google has simplified the integration process. This part usually takes a few days. Checking the eligibility: Last but not least, Google will check if your online store is eligible to participate in the program and if it qualifies to become a Google Trusted Store. You will need to be patient for this final step as it can take 30 to 90 days.

Are you interested in having your business become a Google Trusted Store? Are you already a Google Trusted Store? Did it impact your online sales? Share your experience with the community!

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