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Tuesday Chutter

As a leading provider of website security, mobile application security, and anti-malvertising & malware solutions beyond the firewall, RiskIQ provides information conspicuity across the web. Their proprietary technology continuously scans the open web and mobile application stores each day and alerts corporate customers to millions of potential threats including malware, stuffing, brand abuse, click fraud, phishing, and intellectual property violations. RiskIQ provides threat visibility services to a high-profile client base that includes Fortune 500 companies.

The Jibe worked with a member of the RiskIQ team in a different professional scenario in the past. Given our successful history of working together and The Jibe’s experience with the high tech sector, this was an obvious fit.

RiskIQ brought a vision to create a legitimate web presence that targets quality clients and generates leads; The Jibe built the tools to make it happen. After receiving $10M in Series A funding in 2013 RiskIQ has been established as a go-to in their field.

the twist

RiskIQ provides many resources on their site, from webinars to document downloads, presenting a unique opportunity to engage with visitors who access these resources. Gating these resources, segmenting the corresponding leads, and connecting with their CRM was key to this project.

Another unsurprising consideration given RiskIQ’s business was to ensure the security of their site. As expected, Drupal stood up remarkably well to the various vulnerability and penetration tests it was subjected to.

the solution

The Jibe integrated Hubspot and Salesforce to consume and track the leads generated through the website user activity. Each resource on the site is gated and mapped to a unique ID to ensure the data is transferred as expected by the third party systems. RiskIQ is able to create and customize these access forms and can manage access without in-depth technical knowledge.

the results

The Jibe rendered RiskIQ’s requirements into a modern and efficient website that exudes confidence and promotes their products and services. Integration with Hubspot and Salesforce ensure that RiskIQ is able to effectively manage incoming leads and make the best of their investment. The RiskIQ team can update their content across the site, from creating downloadable documents, to access forms, landing pages, links, posts, and graphics.