Reading List - Week of November 28

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Valentine Maire

This week, it's all about connecting the eCommerce sector to the latest technology innovations! Content on platforms can now be turned into online shopping opportunities. Robotics is delivering online food orders in London. Elastic Path, a Vancouver eCommerce software company, is revolutionizing online commerce platforms. Bed Bath & Beyond continues to invest in eCommerce. And Amazon unveiled a new AI platform for developers. Keep scrolling for all the details.

Geenee Raises $4.4 Million to Make Instagram More Shoppable

Source: TechCrunch

It's one thing to engage users with content on platforms; it's another one to make them shop online. With Geenee, it's not a problem anymore. Geenee is a platform that turns content into shopping opportunities. Users can shop on Instagram by simply taking a snapshot of the post they like. Once the snapshot is added to the app, Geenee's image recognition software analyzes each item in the picture and tells users the name of the brand, the SKU, and where they can buy the items.

World’s First Robot Meal Delivery

Source: VentureBeat

Eat, an international food delivery company, has announced its first world robot meal delivery in London, UK. In the last few months, Eat has been partnering with Starship Technologies, a robotics startup, to develop drone meal delivery. So what's new? Well, this drone is not flying; it's a six-wheeled sidewalk bot. Once arrived at the client’ address, the customer receives a text message with the link to open the robot’s hatch. Dinner’s ready!

The Future of eCommerce is Here

Source: PYMNTS

Elastic Path, a Vancouver eCommerce software solutions company, this week introduced its new product, Commerce Cloud for AWS. This new commerce platform will allow businesses to showcase their brands through various touch points like mobile, social and IoT (Internet of Things). It's great news for any online retailers who need a flexible platform to meet an omnichannel strategy. Peter Lukomskyj, VP of products at Elastic Path affirms that we need to "...develop new consumption models. That’s where we see the real potential for growth."

A New eCommerce Acquisition for Bed Bath & Beyond

Source: InternetRetailer

Bed Bath & Beyond, the home furnishings retail chain announced this week the acquisition of PersonalizationMall.com, a customized online gifts retailer. The new acquisition is part of Bed Bath & Beyond's omnichannel strategy. By offering a more personalized shopping experience across all of its retail channels, Bed Bath & Beyond is expecting to improve its customer engagement.

Introducing Amazon’s AI Developers Platform

Source: TechVibes

Earlier this week in Las Vegas, Amazon announced the launch of an AI platform for developers. The giant American electronic commerce and cloud computing company is now offering three tools using machine learning for use in applications' development. "Rekognition" performs image recognition. "Polly" provides a text-to-speech (TTS) service. And "Lex" offers a speech recognition program through a chat box.