Reading List - Week of November 21

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Valentine Maire

It’s not only Thanksgiving for our American neighbours, it's also Thanksgiving for the eCommerce market. And guess what? Online retailers should be “thankful” for the upcoming season as American shoppers are expected to spend a lot online.

Not satisfied with your order? International returns won't be an issue any longer thanks to Spring's new delivery solution. Italian shoppers can now buy cars on Amazon. Google AdWords added new tools to improve the reporting system. And Tesla has been working with SolarCity to create a solar-powered island. Continue reading for all the details.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2016 Have Arrived!

Source: InternetRetailer

Forget about the turkey, it's shopping time! According to a survey, American shoppers are expected to spend a lot during the Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend, and especially online. The eCommerce sales trend looks really promising. Indeed, 76% of Americans have declared that they will make an online purchase this Cyber Monday and 55% during Black Friday. eCommerce sales should reach up to $98 billion during this holiday season. This is a +17% increase over sales in 2015.

Not Just an Island, a Solar-Powered Island Thanks to Tesla and SolarCity

Source: TechCrunch

There is strength in unity. Tesla and SolarCity have been working together to create a solar-powered island to solve the issue of diesel reliance. Indeed, a lot of islands are currently relying on burning fossil fuel in order to maintain an electrical grid. That's the problem faced by the small island of Ta’u in American Samoa. But there is an alternative and sustainable energetic solution. The solar panels from SolarCity combined with the Tesla Powerpack commercial battery storage facility will provide up to 3 full days of power for the island’s 600 residents and will recharge fully after just seven hours of solid sunlight exposure.

An International Return Solution for eCommerce Orders? Yes, Please

Source: EcommerceNews

Spring, a global delivery solutions company, has just launched an international return solution for online retail stores. With Spring's new service, eCommerce businesses can now offer a solution to their worldwide audience of shoppers. Online retailers will now have access to several return solutions supported by an international network. It consists of more than 150,000 drop-off locations, including local post offices, and a worldwide pick-up solution. Consumers will be able to easily download return labels for free, or purchase a return label in the portal.

Buy Your Car on Amazon Now!

Source: TheNextWeb

Ever considered purchasing a car online? It's not a joke, it's now a reality in Italy. Italian Amazon users can now order Fiat Chrysler car models on the online platform, at discounted prices. Gianluca Italia, Business Sales Director at Fiat Chrysler in Italy stated that "the time has arrived to give consumers a new, more efficient and transparent way to choose a new vehicle". No Prime shipping option here, but the vehicle will be ready within two weeks after submitting the order on Amazon. According to an Italian survey, 50% of Italians are willing to buy their next car online. Andiamo!

New Tools on Google AdWords

Source: InternetRetailer

Google AdWords users, pay attention! Two new tools have been added to the reporting system. Distance and location reports have been added to Google AdWords reporting tools to help retailers understand where online users are coming from and also who have visited stores for a final purchase. It's definitely a great asset for any omnichannel retailer.