Reading List - Week of May 6

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Valentine Maire

So many exciting news in the eCommerce world this week! It' really great to see our industry evolving quickly over the last months. Feel free to share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We love to hear from you!

For all our friends from Canada who are interested in getting involved in helping solve big and small problem in our industry, join us on eComCan!

And most importantly: Happy Mother’s Day from all the Jibe team!


Our partner LemonStand has successfully raised $1.25 million to improve their eCommerce platform. That’s great news for the Canadian eCommerce landscape! Way to go team!

Read more about the company’s future

Shopping Quizzes

Digging in your customers history to know what they love? It’s so passé.... A new recommendation engine, named Shopping Quizzes, asks shoppers what they’re looking for. Check out this highly visual and engaging digital customer experience!

Give it a try!

Google and Your Website

Google is the king of the Internet, no doubt about that. If Google loves certain websites, it also doesn't like others. Here is a list of 7 things that Google absolutely hates about your website. Looking for a romance with the King?

Check it out

eCommerce Tools

We all know how important and difficult it can be to manage effectively an eCommerce business. We all want to improve our conversion rates and profits. But sometimes we feel a little bit lost and need some help. Here is a list of some eCommerce tools you can start to use to simplify your eCommerce journey.

Ready to catch your breath?

Mobile Commerce

We already talked about it in our previous eCommerce guide: mobile commerce is booming! eCommerce is not just for kids and young people, everybody is doing it now! That’s why you really need to optimize your website for mobile devices.

Not convinced yet? Check out some data about the growth of mobile commerce.

Image courtesy of Alexander Filonchick