Reading List - Week of May 27

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Valentine Maire

Friday is here again! How about kicking the weekend off with an interesting selection of news? That sounds exciting, doesn't it? Let’s once again see what happened this week in our magnificent galaxy.

Email Segmentation

Do you believe that sending emails is a waste of time and money? Well, it is if you only send general ones. So what's the secret to successful emails? Segmentation. Conversion XL has put together a stellar list of 8 segmentation examples to get you inspired to start segmenting! And, did we mention it helps increase conversion?

Check out the 8 email segmentation examples

Millennial Cliché

"They're too young", "they don't like responsibilities", "they think they're unique". If you're from the Millennial generation (like me), you've probably already heard something like that. While it's true, Millennials are the most diverse generation, they aren’t very different from everyone else. Laszlo Bock, HR at Google couldn't agree more: “Every single human being wants the same thing in the workplace — we want to be treated with respect, we want to have a sense of meaning and agency and impact".

Dive into the Millenial stereotypes

No More Emails During the Weekend

French employees have been granted “the right to disconnect" during the weekend. Meaning? French companies, of 50 or more employees, are banned from sending email after typical work hours. Does that sound like a fairytale to you? Do you feel la vie en rose now?

Ready to disconnect too?

Twitter: No More Limit

I've always found it frustrating that Twitter has such a limited amount of space and always find myself trying to switch a word for another or delete one. Don't you agree? Well my friends, it's over! Twitter has decided to add more flexibility to its 140 character policy. Feeling inspired?

Let's tweet it!

Social Media Mistakes

We all know how social media is important for your brand and how it can helpyou engage with your clients. But when it comes to social media marketing, some marketers fail at it. Why? Because of some silly mistakes that can actually be avoided.

See the 3 most common social media mistakes and learn how to avoid them

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