Reading List - Week of May 20

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Valentine Maire

Good news! It’s Friday and the start of a long weekend, for us Canadians anyway, and we're bringing you our weekly reading roundup. Here's what we were digging this week:

Principles of Success

Optimization, you know it's important for your business but how does it tie in with SEO? On another edition of Whiteboard Friday, Rand Fishkin explains the 8 principles of successful on-page SEO. Who said that optimization and SEO can't be really entertaining?

Check out the fun video here

No More Language Barriers

Does the thought of travelling to Paris, Italy, Portugal or Argentina and having no issue communicating with the locals make you very happy? Then you might want to check out Waverly. They've built "The Pilot", the world’s first smart earpiece which translates between users speaking different languages. That brings us to our next question. Where's your next holiday destination?

Discover how the Pilot works

eCommerce Design

Your customers expect your eCommerce business to follow certain design and layout conventions such as logo position and function. Although there is certainly a place for creativity, you don't want to confuse online shoppers! The following list contains 7 design conventions you're going to want to know.

Check it out here

eCommerce Clothing Retailers

It is estimated that by 2020, almost 79% of all fashion buyers will be buying goods using their mobile devices. Some eCommerce startups are playing their cards right and changing the industry to better serve online shoppers needs and wants.

Meet the 5 innovators

People, Beautiful People

A company's success depends on its people, not on its culture. That's what Ryan Spong, CEO of Food.ee, spells out for us in his timely article. He assures us that "the health and authenticity of a company begins with its founders and leaders. You can't manufacture culture". We couldn't agree more.

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