Reading List - Week of March 4

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Valentine Maire

Looking for some new reading for this weekend? We've got you covered! So grab your cup of coffee, your favorite cookies and enjoy! It's time to relax!

Is it Chrismas yet?

Let's have a look at the 5 coolest high-tech toys of Toy Fair 2016! Who said you need to be a kid to play with them?

Prepare your list to Santa on Yahoo

Canvas by Facebook

Facebook has just launched a brand new tool this week . This new option called "Canvas" gives businesses the opportunity to promote their products and increase brand awareness with a full-screen ad experience built to bring brands and products to life on mobile. To infinity and beyond...

Check it out on Facebook

Upload knowledge directly to your brain

Always dreamt of feeding knowledge directly into your brain in just one click? It could soon be a reality according to scientists. Kung Fu anyone?

Discover how on The Telegraph

eCommerce branding ideas

Still wondering how to brand your small business eCommerce site? It can be really challenging. Here are some simple tips to help you! You're welcome!

Read it on smallbusinesscomputing.com

Your virtual assistant

It is a fact that people want information at their fingertips quickly nowadays. Because of your customers' increased desire and expectations for a 24/7 online service, you might think about integrating a virtual assistant on your website. To be or not to be human in customer service?

Check it out on Business2Community

Image courtesy of Karnoff from creativemarket.com