Reading List - Week of March 18

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Valentine Maire

Hooray, it's Friday! Do you what it means? I've concocted (just for you) a lovely reading-list to start off your weekend on the right foot! Does it sound good?! You're welcome!

Virtual Reality Glasses

MasterCard has teamed up with Wearality, a company that develops virtual reality glasses to show consumers a new way to pay for goods. Do you want to see what the eCommerce of tomorrow would look like?

Learn more on VentureBeat

Google Analytics 360 Suite

Google just introduced the new Analytics 360 Suite. It is a set of integrated data and marketing analytics products to help marketers to better understand their customers' needs. Marketing has never been so simple!

See how it works on AnalyticsBlogspot

Coding For Kids

Who said you need to be an adult to start coding? With Cubetto, children can both play and discover computer programming. It is super fun! Maybe you will want to play with it too...

Check it out on PrimoToys

Mobile Retail Apps and Sites

Looking for some advice to design a better experience for your shoppers? You can follow the 25 principles offered to help you. And it's free!

Download your guide on ThinkWithGoogle

Identity Verification

Adding additional security measures can increase the complexity of the checkout process and drive potential customers away. But it's crucial to protect your eCommerce. And here are 5 good reasons to do it.

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Image courtesy of Tomas Slimas