Reading List - Week of March 11

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Valentine Maire

Load more & Infinite scrolling

Christian Holst explains us the pros and cons of "load more" button and infinite scrolling. They can both be real assets if well implemented, which can sometimes be challenging. They are great tools for any eCommerce platform. Have you ever considered them?

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Great for a designer’s toolbox!

15 funny lorem ipsum generators to add creativity to your work! (and make your clients laugh!)

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Get space and quiet on demand

Travelling for business trip? Visiting a friend abroad but have to take a call from one one your clients? Do not worry, thanks to Breather, you can book peaceful and practical spaces whenever you need them! Pretty cool, right?

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AlphaGo, the new artificial intelligence

Google DeepMind, a British company has created the most powerful AI system called "AlphaGo". To prove it, the system just beat the world’s best Go player, in Seoul, South Korea. What's next?!

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Modern workplace

Looking for inspiration to set up your workplace? #4 is pretty fun, let's rock!

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Image courtesy of Jeff sheldon on Unsplash