Reading List - Week of June 24

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Valentine Maire

Friday is here once again. Do you have plans this lovely weekend? We hope you make our reading list a part of them.

Fear of online shopping.

Feat of online shopping is an actual thing but it has more to do with security and privacy issues than up the credit card. A recent study by the Department of Commerce in the USA has found that 50% of American Internet users are afraid of buying things online because of privacy and security problems. A new article from Conversion XL let's you know what to do to change that.

Help customers overcome their fear

Develop your Chi

When work gets stressful, have you ever thought about doing some meditation? It can help you feel more relaxed, calm and often leads to a more productive day.

Ready to start working on your OM?

Changing the World

Success is not just about profit. For some companies, the social benefit created by their activities is as important as their financial results. The main goal is to improve society and make the world a better place to live in. Sounds pretty inspiring right.

Discover the 6 companies changing the world

A Concert on an Iceberg

Greenpeace enlisted Ludovico Einaudi, a pianist and composer, to play a very unique concert on a floating platform in the Arctic Ocean. The main idea was to attract people's attention on climate change and ask for further and better protection of the endangered region. The video of the concert has been shared on Youtube.

Watch the sublime performance of Ludovico Einaudi

New Tools from Dropbox

Dropbox, the file hosting service, has just launched new tools to help businesses. The new features offer more security, and users will be able to comment on documents. The new options are designed to help teams be more collaborative and productive.

Discover the new features here

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Image courtesy of Maliha Mannan