Reading List - Week of January 29

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Valentine Maire

We'd like to share with you some news and discoveries that have attracted our attention over the last few days. Have a seat, relax and enjoy!

Panda - Chrome browser extension

What better way to start our inaugural reading list than describing how Leah likes to get her reading materials! With Twitter or a traditional RSS feed, you get the most exposure to those who post the most. Panda gives you an interface that allows for equal exposure to sites you love, but post a smaller amount of quality articles.

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Brave - a new "ads replacing" browser

Co-founder of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, has unveil his latest project: Brave, a web browser that blocks ads by default. While this sounds good at first glance it is noteworthy to know that the ads it blocks are replaced by its own, acting as some sort of ads police, while getting a cut of the revenue. From a user's perspective, Brave promises to offer faster page loads, and well, and ad's and ad. An experiment to keep an eye on.

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A store that "doesn’t necessarily have to exist in a metropolis. It could exist in the desert, the prairie, Gieser, Martha, Vladivostok, Belgrade, Shangzhen, Gwangju, Phoenix, Rodenkirchen, Dubai, Djibouti, or Berlin. It’s concrete, it’s grey, and outposts; satellites". Discover this concept store.

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Oristand - a new breed of stand up desk

Oristand has created a portable stand up desk out of industrial cardboard and sells it for $25. Co-created by Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite.

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Should retailers place products on their homepage?

Interesting insights and ideas from Greg Randall of Comma Consulting on homepage product placement. Check out the comments for a counterpoint.

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