Reading List - Week of February 5

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Valentine Maire

We'd like to share with you some news and discoveries that have attracted our attention over the last few days. Have a seat, relax and enjoy!

7 eCommerce common mistakes

Joel House points out the common mistakes that eRetailers made online. But more importantly, he gives great suggestions for email marketing, content, and SEO.

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Let me hear that again?

When you ask Google Translate to read you the translation, sometimes it is a little too fast. Now, when you listen again, it will slow it down for you.

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New predictions for eCommerce

Paul Rogers highlights the new trends in eCommerce for 2016. From optimizing your eCommerce platform to new technologies, it's a great high-level summary.

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Setting reminders from Slack

In Slack, (our messaging tool of choice) you can send yourself or your team members a reminder for anything: important meetings, to-do items, even motivational messages.

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Virtual reality: the next major platform for eCommerce ?

Shaun Ryan, co-founder of SLI Systems, explains us how the physical and online worlds of retail are merging. « 2016 will be the year that retailers begin to experiment with virtual reality as the next major platform for e-commerce. »

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