Reading List - Week of February 26

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Valentine Maire

What better way to finish up the week than with some news and discoveries that have attracted our attention over the last few days? Have a seat, relax and enjoy!

Better times are coming!

Good news: Canada’s eCommerce ecosystem is booming! Hurray! See what is going to happen this year. We are so excited, aren't you?

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Pure CSS Parallax

Parallax scrolling effects can create really nice scrolling interactions on a webpage, but there is usually a performance cost associated with adding a Javascript library to help implement this. Keith Clark shows us a cool approach that achieves this solely with CSS — no extra library needed! Try the demo to see how it works!

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Features, Features & more Features!

Check out this list of 24 little-known things you can do on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Social Media Management for your business has never been so easy!

To know more it's on HubSpot.com

Where should you begin?

The success of your eCommerce business will depend on the decisions you make. Here is a list of 9 important tools for eCommerce success. The selection of the eCommerce Website Builder (#5) for your needs is really important. Don’t forget it, The Jibe is a proud partner of Shopify! We can help you!

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Did you say UGC ?

UGC what? Both visual content and User-Generated Content (UGC) are commonly cited nowadays for their powerful influence on purchase behavior. And it’s true ! «There’s nothing like seeing a product being enjoyed by an actual person to drive home the idea that a product can make audience members’ lives better!». What are you waiting for?

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Image courtesy of Dustin Lee.