Reading List - Week of February 19

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Valentine Maire

Star Kart: The Kart Awakens

Are you a big fan of Mario Kart and Star Wars? Would you love to see them together? The Dark Pixel Digital team did it! A fantastic mashup of the Super Mario and Star Wars universe. Bring your popcorn!

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F for Freedom

If web browsing is always cutting into your productivity, you should try Freedom. It will save you time from distracting apps and websites. You can block exactly what you want and whenever you want. Make technology less distracting!

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The cheapest smartphone ever!

Ringing Bells, an Indian electronics company will launch the world's cheapest smartphone called Freedom 251. A smartphone for $4? Who who have believed it?

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I heart CSS

A great post, in celebration of Valentine's Day, showing a variety of approaches that can be taken to produce a similar result. Express your romanticism and draw heart symbol for your lovely Valentine! Aww, coding, you’re so sweet!

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When are your Facebook friends awake?

Have you ever wondered when your friends on Facebook are awake? (Oh please, don’t lie!) You just need a little bit of coding, and you will get a surprising graph! Yes, we know, it’s not breaking-news, but still fun to look at!

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