Reading List - Week of April 8

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Valentine Maire

Birds are singing and flowers are blooming, making it is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of nature. As for reading material, we've got your covered. So grab a spot of tea or cup of joe and enjoy the news and discoveries that have piqued our curiosity this week.

Are you’re really selling what they’re buying?

A report from PayPal spotlighted the fact that businesses could reach their customers better if they improved some of the features on their website such as language, conversion etc. Definitely something that businesses should evaluate on a regular basis.

To see how you can better align your strategy with your customers' behaviour, check the report here.

New and Emerging Networks

We all know businesses do well to promote their product or service on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; in some cases all three. But what about new and emerging networks? Sounds interesting right? Stay informed. You never know which one will become your new favourite social network. Make up your mind among 14 uncommon networks.

Fusion of Art and Technology

A group of art historians, along with software developers, scientists, engineers and data analysts have just created a 3D printed painting of Dutch master Rembrandt's work. They’ve been working on The Next Rembrandt project for 18 months and have created a new piece of work with only computer data, nothing else. Very remarkable stuff.

Watch the video

Security Breaches

Security is crucial for your eCommerce platform. Forty percent (40%) of shoppers avoid retailers that have been affected by security breaches. Additionally, thirty-four percent (34%) of shoppers will steer clear of online shopping, and fifty percent (50%) on mobile devices due to fear of a breach. Don’t underestimate the impact of security. Learn more about putting safety first

No More Keyboards

The era of keyboards is over, now it's time to talk to your computer. Do you know Siri, Alexa and Cortana? Well, they might become your new best friends. Do you want to meet them?

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Image courtesy of The Next Rembrandt