Polygon Homes

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Tuesday Chutter

Polygon Homes is a well-established family of companies who have been building homes in British Columbia since 1980. Over the past three decades Polygon has proudly seen the construction of 22,000 homes within the Lower Mainland, ranging from wood-frame condos to concrete high-rises, townhomes, and single-family communities. Their business is founded on the principles of trust, sincere care, forward thinking, and environmental responsibility–the latter being proven by their commitment to adopting the latest in sustainable practices and features in their homebuilding.

The Polygon Homes website showcases their properties and provides extensive details on each building project to support potential buyers. Site visitors are invited to register for property viewings, and to receive follow up information on properties and communities of interest.

the twist

Polygon Homes contacted The Jibe at a time when high profile marketing campaigns for their new properties were launching. Their website needed a quick and efficient redesign in order to align with their new brand and image. The Polygon Homes site hosts a great volume of sensitive and legacy content including previous home builds, photo galleries, floor plan listings, news, and blog articles; all of which needed to be preserved during the redesign. Additionally, Polygon was refactoring their sales division by moving their marketing platform to Salesforce.

the solution

With fresh design assets provided to The Jibe, the new Polygon Homes website front-end was quickly converted to a fully responsive website with semantic HTML5 markup and CSS3 media queries. Integrating these technologies provides a consistently rich user experience across devices–desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Integration of Javascript libraries such as Modernizr and Selectivizr allowed us to maintain cross-browser compatibility for legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

During the user interface overhaul, The Jibe was tasked with transitioning Polygon Homes’ existing website CRM integration from Lasso to Salesforce. Critical data regarding customers is collected during the property registration process on the website. User information including the path on which they arrived at the site, the page they landed on, time spent there, and other page interactions, is transmitted to a sales team for a targeted follow up. Additionally, all recurring visits to the site from a registered potential buyer will update the assigned sales manager within Salesforce. With this data, Polygon Homes has gained a better understanding of their buyer demographic and is able to act upon buyer actions in real-time.

the results

Polygon Homes has a fully updated HTML5 front-end that communicates their brand aesthetic, including a high impact javascript carousel homepage that showcases their properties. Behind the scenes Polygon is able to collect and act on user information through their Salesforce integration, bolstering their conversion. The site is now responsive across mobile and tablet devices.