Looking back on the 2012 Drupal Business Summit

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Francis Pilon

On Friday June 1st 2012, active local Drupal community members organized an informative event to discuss and promote the benefits of Drupal.

The Drupal Business Summit which took place in the heart of Vancouver, at UBC Robson Square, counted over a hundred attendees from varied backgrounds: marketing and media agencies, Government and private sector representatives, including web developers as well as several Drupal enthusiasts.

Why a Business Summit?

The purpose of the Summit was to offering business leaders and managers insight into Drupal's capabilities as a versatile, business solutions framework through presentations, cases studies, peer-to-peer session and networking.

Some of the key points raised are as follows:

Web projects built using Drupal generally provide a better ROI then they would have with proprietary solutions due to no licensing fees and lower costs of implementation and maintenance. Choosing Drupal gives access to a vast array of off-the-shelf solutions which leverage the community efforts allowing businesses to focus on creating engaging online experiences rather than developing software. Security and scalability are inherent to Drupal as with most active open source projects. It also often adapts more rapidly to (and often drives) the ever changing technology landscape than proprietary solutions.

The Jibe is proud to have been a Platinum sponsor of the event and to have enabled one of our partners to present a case study on a joint project: watch the presentation Mike Barter from 612 Creative on Driving Retail Customer Engagement Using Drupal.