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Francis Pilon

LiveOffice ( now part of Symantec ), a leading provider of cloud-based email archiving, was looking to establish a long-term relationship with a Drupal development agency to assist them in building a new customer support center and re-create their primary website.

The Twist

Liveoffice.com is powered by fast-moving and aggressive marketing. The web team wanted to be sure its new site was flexible enough to allow it to evolve over time to meet changing business requirements. The company had strong in-house web development skills but did not want to over-complicate things. Performance was another vital part of this project. With a large and quality conscious user base, the site not only had to provide fast page loads during average web traffic, but it also had to gracefully withstand occasional heavy traffic spikes.

The Solution

We worked closely with the liveoffice.com team to define the web strategies required to meet their goals, which included driving more traffic to their websites, gaining a better understanding of visitor demographics, and increasing lead conversion. To ensure long-term flexibility and scalability, we built a back-end infrastructure that took advantage of tried and true Drupal features and plug-ins.

Our experience in delivering high performance systems has allowed LiveOffice to provide up-to-the-minute status information without compromising the overall health and speed of the site. Details of this implementation will be discussed in an upcoming blog post.

The Results

Our agile workflow and iterative development process were ideally suited to liveoffice.com’s changing needs. The flexible and scalable architecture make it easy to tweak and refine site content, allowing LiveOffice to provide their clients with regular and timely updates through an easy to manage administrative interface. The new sites have not only rectified major concerns regarding a lack of access to content but have increased discoverability. Furthermore, user engagement has increased through carefully planned and located calls-to-action ( CTAs ). The new site truly represents the LiveOffice brand and the company’s strategic goals.