The Jibe's 2016 Guide to Mobile Commerce

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Alicia Doiron

The use of mobile devices plays a significant role in your customer's path to purchase. If you’re still looking at your mobile store as secondary to desktop, that must change. You’re only hurting yourself.

In 2014 we saw that 50.3% of all global eCommerce traffic came from a mobile device, while 49.7% came from a desktop. For the first time ever, there were more online shoppers using their mobile devices to browse eCommerce stores than desktop. That number is not going down.

Marketingland reports that 90% of consumers have admitted to browsing their mobile phone in-store for price comparisons, more product information, online reviews or in-store deals. If you’re a retailer that’s got a physical location and online store, you better make sure you’re offering a true Omni-channel experience.

But your customers aren’t just using their mobile to browse either, they most definitely are buying. Qualitative data from Goldman Sachs reports that by 2018, sales from mobile devices will reach $626 billion. Want a piece of that? Of course you do.

The question is how ready is your store for the mobile revolution?

At The Jibe, we’ve designed and developed many online stores with user experience in mind for both desktop and mobile devices. We know this is the proper way for our clients to gain sales and delight their customers. We want all retailers to succeed, which brings us to a very exciting announcement.

We’ve put together a guide to you get started. The Jibe’s 2016 Guide to Mobile Commerce combines a little bit of theory with a little bit of practical know-how that will help you in building an exceptional mobile experience.

You’ll learn:

Where mobile fits into the Omni-Channel puzzle

How different generations are interacting with mobile and what that means for you

Where to gain data on your mobile customers and how to use it to increase conversion

And much more

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