The Jibe Partners With Commerce Guys

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Ben Holt

The Jibe recently announced our partnership with Commerce Guys, the creators and lead developers of the Drupal Commerce suite of modules, as their first and only Canadian Delivery Partner. We are very excited about this partnership and what it means for our clients and the eCommerce landscape in Canada.

Being accepted as a Commerce Guys Delivery Partner means that The Jibe is uniquely positioned at the forefront of Canadian eCommerce providers. Not only do we have excellent Drupal development chops and a history of building successful eCommerce sites, we now have the support, integration, and development services of Commerce Guys backing us up. To our clients, whose businesses are on the line, this "belt and suspenders" level of support provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their online business is being developed and supported by the best in the business.

Drupal Commerce is the foundation on which Drupal based eCommerce sites are built. It fully integrates into Drupal, doing things the "Drupal way" and making significant use of, Drupal's community contributed modules, such as Views and Rules, to provide site builders the flexibility to create a solution that truly fits their clients' needs, with no shoehorning required. Drupal Commerce's flexibility is legendary, largely because of its complete integration into Drupal's excellent CMS (Content Management System) and the lack of assumptions it makes about a merchant's business module or the products being sold.

Like the core of Drupal, Drupal Commerce is licensed under the GPL (Gnu Public License), the gold standard of Free / Open Source Software licenses. The GPL applies to the whole of Drupal Commerce, there are no "juicy bits" held back for so-called "enterprise editions", that come with exorbitant fees and restrictive proprietary licenses. The Jibe has made firm commitments to Open Source software, we know it is the best for our clients and for ourselves, and we are very pleased to partner with a like minded company in Commerce Guys.

About Commerce Guys

Currently the fastest growing open-source software company in the world, Commerce Guys is the software company behind Drupal Commerce. They have offices in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom, providing them with a clientele from all over the world. They are committed to the success of Drupal’s open-source community, and as such their team actively contributes to the Drupal community.

Commerce Guys have been recognized numerous times for their work. They have received multiple awards including Gartner’s Cool Vendor in E-Commerce, Microsoft BizSpark Award, E-Commerce Paris 2013 Grand Prize, and American and International Business Awards.