iQmetrix Software Development Corp. Released on Drupal 7

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Steve Krueger

iQmetrix Software Development Corp.

Summary: A Drupal 7 site build and launch within a firm three week timeframe

About IQmetrix: With over 10 years of experience, iQmetrix has become the leading provider of retail management solutions for the cellular and wireless retail and telecommunications industries. Their fully integrated software, RQ4, allows wireless retailers to effectively manage POS, CRM, Inventory, Accounting, HR, Marketing, Intranet and eCommerce and offers an extensive selection of Reporting and Analytics for enhanced decision making.

Website: iqmetrix.com


IQmetrix's previous web site was difficult to manage and maintain, and did not provide the tools and usability that were required for IQmetrix to develop an online community around its software. Additionally, IQmetrix owns other web properties which they wanted to integrate into their main web site.


Make all content easily updateable and searchable Improve maintainability of the site design and features Create a single point of entry for users Provide a clear migration path for when new Drupal modules become available Provide contextual "Call to Action" items in specific areas of the site


IQmetrix requested that the site be built using Drupal 7, which was still in beta at the time. Normally using beta software in a production environment is not advised, but the client had substantial in-house Drupal expertise in the form of Drupal evangelist Boris Mann and were fully aware of the potential issues associated with beta software.

Additional challenges included:

A firm launch date, driven by a trade show, allowing for only three weeks of development time Shifting client requirements A limited palette of contributed modules for Drupal 7, and thus a need to make the most of Drupal's core functionality

Required Skills

Knowledge of current developmental workflows that are consistent with Drupal website builds Ability to develop workaround solutions for Drupal 7 and evaluate the stability of development software


Site launched by the deadline The majority of the site's public facing features rely on Drupal core functionality, largely thanks to the improvements in Drupal 7 Fifteen contributed modules were used, 4 of which were still in development at the time of the site launch A customizable workflow tailored to the client allowing them to update their own content and take control over their site


“After reaching out to a handful of local Vancouver firms, we ended up working with The Jibe. Steve, Francis, Erik and the rest of The Jibe team have been fantastic to work with. I tried to reign in the scope creep since we had such a hard deadline to meet, and The Jibe team didn't roll their eyes too much at my requests.”

Boris Mann