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Steve Krueger

iQmetrix is the leading provider of retail management software for the North American wireless industry, creating retail experiences that cater to the consumer, the employee and the vendor. The iQmetrix website is primarily a marketing and lead generation platform, designed to demonstrate their expertise and encourage qualified visitors to contact them for a demo. It is also a primary access point for a range of customer support channels – community, phone and email.

iQmetrix prides itself on being an innovative and focused organization built on great technology and great people. Their website needs to reflect this, while being technically stable in delivering support solutions and easy for the in-house web and marketing team to maintain and update.

The Twist

Like many web development projects for innovative, fast moving organizations, the scope of the project changed regularly to accommodate for emerging requirements. A compact launch timeline ( 3 weeks! ) and a desire for long-term ROI added even more complexity to this project.

The Solution

Efficient organization, open communication and flexibility on both sides were essential for creating a successful development process. Given iQmetrix’ needs and personality, we recommended building the new site on Drupal 7, the latest release with new features that really addressed their needs. An aggressive, risk-friendly group by design, the iQmetrix web team embraced this approach.

The Results

Jumping to Drupal 7 resulted in greater flexibility and longer term ROI for the client. The new site was built without compromising any requirements, and launched on time for one of the company’s most important industry events. An enhanced feature set made content management very simple, empowering the iQmetrix web team to keep ownership and control of their web property. What’s more, the site was built with a foundation that will support the company’s needs well into the future.