Introduction to Open Atrium: Video from VanDUG Meeting

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Steve Krueger

I did a recent talk at the Vancouver Drupal User Group on an introduction to using Open Atrium for project management. I walked through the steps in creating the built-in functionality that is packaged with Open Atrium and opened up discussion around building "extensions" for the product. Much thanks to Dale for streaming the video live over Ustream and Development Seed for making such a wicked product. You can view the video after the break.

Resources for Open Atrium "Feature Sets"

I've compiled a (short) list of links that may help in finding extended Open Atrium features. Remember: if you can't find it, build it and share it!

General Features

https://community.openatrium.com/documentation-en/node/441 http://community.featureservers.org/fserver


http://www.empoweredby.net/node/9 http://features.thinkdrop.net/project/atrium_leads

VCS integrations


If you have anymore resources and sites for Open Atrium, please comment so I can add them to the list!