Infographic: How Canadians Shop

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Francis Pilon

Mobile is changing the way we shop. As a merchant, what are you doing to keep up with the rapidly changing behaviours? 80% of mobile search happens where a computer is also available. With that in mind, shoppers want answers, now. Shoppers are not only buying through their smartphones, they are also researching. More in-store shoppers are on their smartphones looking up information and reading reviews on your products. Think With Google recently collected data on how mobile is changing the game and influencing consumers -- all of which, they highlighted in an infographic that depicts the top moments redefining how Canadians shop.

Infographic Tweetables:

"64% of Canadians use a smartphone to research something that was said in a conversation." Tweet this!

"85% of Canadians use a smartphone to look up local businesses." Tweet this!

"70% of Canadian smartphone users consult a phone in-store." Tweet this!

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