The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House

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Tuesday Chutter

The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House is redefining luxury real estate in Canada by bringing luxury properties and assets to the auction block. This is an alternative to the usual selling approach wherein high end properties may stay on the market for years–leading to a drop in the listing price accompanied by upkeep costs for the owner. Based in transparency and ease of transaction, The Garage Sale provides five-star service to clients on both the buyer and seller end to guarantee a sale within 90 days. For the first 60 days The Garage Sale markets properties with an aim of direct sale; if the house remains unsold on the 61st day the team works towards an unreserved auction that takes place on the 90th day.

In order to reflect the high quality expectations of their audience, The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House required a luxurious and attractive site with heavy use of video and photography. Ensuring that the site is fast-loading, informative, and easily navigable was a must. A central requirement for The Garage Sale team was the ability for in-house staff to update editorial content and new auction pages independently and without the need for technical knowledge.

the twist

It was of top priority to The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House that their site load quickly to a high impact visuals landing page. Additionally, ensuring that the site look its best across desktop, tablet, and mobile was key to a seamless and trust-building user experience.

the solution

Right from the start, The Jibe brought in their long time collaborators at The Still Brandworks. Known for their quality brand work with the Vancouver Club and the Canadian Olympic Committee, The Still was the right partner to fine-tune The Garage Sale site for top brand positioning.

Our collaborative work resulted not only in an attractive website, but one that lets visitors easily explore the various properties, engages them emotionally, and fosters lead generation. The Jibe worked hard with performance in mind to build a responsive design, making the site accessible across devices and browsers.The Jibe was able to construct a site that increases brand awareness, attracts qualified clients, and generates conversion.

the results

The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House brought a clear vision to the table. This vision was supported by a great desire for an effective and result-centric approach.

The popular Drupal Content Management System and framework allows The Garage Sale team to update their content using a straightforward, user-friendly interface from behind the scenes. The Garage Sale’s appealing Luxury Auction House site ensures their continued competitiveness in the luxury real estate market.