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Tuesday Chutter

Gainsight, formerly known as JBara Software, a leader in its industry, developed the first and only complete Customer Success Management solution to help customer-driven enterprises reduce churn, drive upsell, and increase customer retention.

Businesses are typically investing heavily in “top-of-funnel” marketing and sales force solutions to generate demand for their product or service and managing the sales pipeline until prospects become customers. However, once new customers are onboarded, they often lack the proper tools and processes to proactively manage these customers.

By leveraging meaningful customer data, business leaders and their teams can identify at-risk customers while growing the lifetime value of healthy ones. Gainsight unlocks the power of customer intelligence, driving retention through all aspects of the business: customer success, executive, marketing, product management and sales.

the twist

Gainsight contacted us at a particularly critical time in the organization lifetime: they had just raised $9 million in venture capital funding from Battery Ventures, had a new CEO at the helm and a pressing need to have the proper web presence to broadcast this news to the world.

Like most organizations who undergo such a dramatic transition, Gainsight needed a partner that could not only deliver quality software but also bring strategy into play by making recommendations to tackle immediate needs and support the long term vision.

the solution

Because of the time constraints of this project, we started working right away: within 48h of our initial contact with Gainsight our team was working on the site information architecture and wireframes. The hyper availability of the Gainsight team made working in an agile manner very effective and productive. The build out was very collaborative, each iteration integrated their view with our knowledge of effective web narratives.

Design for the site was done in house. We implemented a flat design that reflects trends in the industry and is generally easier to support on mobile devices.

the results

Gainsight received praise from their investors for doing an “awesome job communicating the big and bold vision of the company,” with their new site. The project hit all targets–scope, budget, and timeline–across each phase.

“Thanks again for your incredible partnership on this launch. We are so happy with the progress, and have received a ton of praise for it. Honestly, couldn't have even come close without the congeniality and dedication of your team.” – Anthony Kennada, Head of Marketing