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Alicia Doiron

With the eCommerce industry now a trillion dollar market and growing, staying competitive and up-to-date is no easy feat.

Not knowing where to start can pose a big problem, especially with the thousands of online articles telling you all the things you must do, and now, if you want to succeed. It’s a lot to take in, we know. But relax, we’re here to help.

We teamed up with LemonStand eCommerce to bring you the only eBook you need to grow your online store.

Together we’ve worked with hundreds of clients, so we’re kind of, ok, we are experts when it comes to knowing how to grow a business. We know in order to be successful you’ve got to find new ways to stand out, be competitive, and optimize every stage of your sales funnel; which is exactly what you’ll be learning in the free ebook.

To give you a taste of what to expect here’s a little preview from the section Knock em’ Dead With Killer Content:

With brand loyalty on the decline for the third straight year in a row, and studies showing that Americans spend over 5.6 hours a day digesting digital media, you’ve got to provide your customers with something of value.

Chances are, there’s another store out there selling similar products to what you offer, which means the good ol’ hard sell just isn’t going to cut it.

In 2016, your eCommerce site needs to be engaging, interactive, and original if you want customers to shop at, and remain loyal to your brand. Think that’s impossible? It’s not. Through content, it’s very possible.

Content aims to enhance the user experience by providing an informative, entertaining, and even interactive experience. While video is having a major moment–according to Marketing Sherpa, video is one of the most popular methods of content with visitors 64% more likely to buy a product after watching it–it’s definitely not the only option out there.

To find out what other options are out there, along with what brands are slaying content, you'll need to download the free ebook. In addition you’ll also be learning things like:

How to boost SEO How to choose the right eCommerce platform Modern marketing tactics to attract your ideal customer Which marketing channels to make a priority How to set up a proper strategy

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