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Kimberly Kostachuk

Footprints Recruiting engages with certified teachers and English as second language (ESL) instructors from all over the globe and helps them find work in safe and reputable English teaching positions and government programs worldwide. Since it’s establishment in 2001, Footprints has gained unrivaled expert advice, exclusive contracts, and now facilitates between 700-900 successful placements each year.

What sets Footprints apart from other ESL and professional teacher recruiters is their access to unique placement opportunities and quick response to inquiries from applicants. They strive to further build a strong community for teachers and offer pre-departure packages for recruits going overseas to help ensure an easy transition into life abroad. Footprints also offers mentor programs where new recruits are paired with experienced teachers in the field, giving them access to a first-hand experience of the local cultures and expectations.


Our bounce rate went down 15%. That’s only one week to judge from, but we are noticing differences there. We’ve also noticed pageviews are also up 50%.

Dave Harvey General Manager Footprints Recruiting ,

The Twist

Because of the amount of resources, articles and content accumulated over time on their previous site in a relatively unstructured manner, information architecture and navigation systems presented a challenging task given our mandate to provide an intuitive interface.

Footprints Recruiting uses Brightmove, a 3rd party system, to manage intake and placement. Having the ability to allow authenticated users to move between Brightmove and the main website was key in order for teachers to have access to all the tools available to them.

The Solution

In order to turn the existing massive amount of data into a usable content structure, we first had break down the content into key content types, then look at how each was categorized within each defined types. We created a navigation structure based new content breakdown and used this structure to create framework for the layout of the site.

Early on in the project we discovered that Brightmove didn’t provide any real-time mechanisms for developing the single-sign-on system that would have allowed users to move between the two platforms. Instead, a system which allows for secure exporting and importing of user data was put in place. A custom Drupal module was developed to create and update user accounts as to mirror the ones available on the Brightmove platform. Additionally, in order to provide an experience as seamless as possible, we implemented a theme on BrightMove so that the page design mirrored Footprints website design.

The Results

The final product is a responsive website, built to reflect Footprints Recruiting’s brand identity, with a special care on content management and easy user navigation. A simplified menu provides key information up-front and offers subsections to house secondary content. The conversion has been carefully considered from the first click by making information and job postings unmissable.