eCommerce Solutions: Why Consumers Showroom [Infographic]

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Marley Bathe

So many consumers today are showrooming a merchant's eCommerce website. The problem is, they aren't completing their purchases.

The number one reason, or 47% of why consumers showroom is because eCommerce merchants offer free shipping. This offer is great for the consumer, but it's only the first step to capturing more online sales.

However, there is a solution.

With an eCommerce website, retailers will have a great opportunity to capture large audiences and create value for their brands. With a large percentage of mobile users showrooming websites, brands can create value by sharing user stories, detailed product information and reviews. Creating this value will thoroughly deepen brand loyalty, but more importantly, will increase sales by providing the consumer with a story.

This week’s infographic details the consumer's showrooming tendencies, as well as provides eCommerce solutions for the everyday online retailer.

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