eCommerce Logistics: A Transformation - Part 1

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Marley Bathe

This week we will be deep diving into the transformation of eCommerce logistics. We will touch on how supply chains have changed over time and what options retailers have with shipping costs when setting up an online store, as well as explore the rise of eCommerce by manufacturers, distribution companies and the role of reverse logistics in eCommerce. We will wrap up with the role of reverse logistics in eCommerce in our multi and omni-channel world.

To get everyone up-to-speed, lets take a look at the evolution of retail logistics infographic by Cerasis:

According to Cerasis, from a distribution perspective, retail logistic's has gone through multiple phases:

1970s: retail stores were replenished by direct deliveries from suppliers or wholesalers.

1980s: retailers started to centralize their store deliveries through new distribution centers which, they controlled.

1990s: global sourcing took off, with many retailers developing import centers to receive and process containerized imports.

2000 - present: eCommerce began to rapidly expand with pure-play retailers leading the way in establishing e-fulfillment distribution networks.

For more information on eCommerce Logistics, check back for Part 2! Until then, discover eCommerce solutions: Payments in the Digital Realm