eCommerce Infographics: Retail's New Storefront

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Francis Pilon

Online shopping is more convenient than ever before and those businesses that are online are reaping the benefits. eCommerce transactions accounted for 9% ($210.6 billion) of retail sales last year alone, and it's projected to reach 11% by 2018.

An online store is now the initial touch point to consumers, making eCommerce a retailer’s new storefront. It's crucial for merchants to not only sell online but represent their business and products in the best way possible. In addition, to cater to new developments in consumer behaviour created by online shopping, which includes designing responsively, and providing a holistic shopping experience.

Let's take a look at the infographic below to learn more about how eCommerce is retail’s new storefront.

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"Since 2010, more than 24 malls have closed." Tweet this!

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