eCommerce Infographics: Canadian Businesses Not Online

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Francis Pilon

A lot of information out on the web recently has touched on the robust state of eCommerce in Canada -- but, the majority of Canadian businesses are still not online.

Virtual Logistics recently put together an infographic with side-by-side statistics outlining what shoppers are spending their money on and what Canadian businesses are doing -- or not doing -- to earn a consumer’s buck. As it outlines, Canadian’s are spending money online, but not with Canadian businesses. They are putting their money towards multinationals like Amazon, Costco, and Walmart. Unfortunately, Canadian businesses are doing very little to tackle this. They are not mobile-friendly and a small majority have an online presence. This infographic is a great wake up call to those retailers, policy makers, and buyers in Canada.

Infographic Tweetables:

“Canadian online retail sales are expected to double, growing to $40 billion online retail sales.” Tweet this!

“87% of businesses are not online, only 13% are selling online.” Tweet this!

“Only 46% of Canadian businesses have a website.” Tweet this!

“Only 19% of Canadian companies have websites optimized for mobile.” Tweet this!

“69% of all online purchases made by Canadians were bought from retailers outside of Canada.” Tweet this!

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