eCommerce Community: The HTML500 - Vancouver

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Marley Bathe

Our very own, Leah Wagner, will be working alongside some of Vancouver’s globally renowned innovators and entrepreneurs at the HTML 500 in Vancouver this upcoming Saturday, January 24th!

The HTML500

Over the past few years, Vancouver's tech scene has blossomed into a globally renowned community. Vancouver is home to some of the world's leading innovators and entrepreneurs, who are creating incredible things with technology. To name just a few: Facebook, EA, Microsoft, HootSuite, Amazon, and East Side Games. BC's tech scene currently employs over 80,000 people; more than the forestry, mining/oil, and gas sectors combined! It's growing fast, too - the biggest problem in Vancouver's tech community? The dire need for tech talent! We've got an amazing startup ecosystem, a network of top tech accelerators, entrepreneurs, world-class universities, great food, and beautiful mountains; but software developers are nowhere to be found. A quick scan of any job board shows hundreds of well-paid tech jobs are sitting unfilled. That's where the HTML500 comes in. The HTML500 will bring 50 of Vancouver's top tech companies together in the name of education and demonstrate the community's commitment to building a global technology hub in Vancouver.

Our Involvement

We sat down with Leah to find out what her role will be and what she expects from this year’s community event:

What is your involvement going to look like?

“While the main instruction will be lead by Lighthouse Labs instructors, I will be mentoring a group of people with a wide range of skill levels that are interested in finding more about HTML and CSS. I will also work to challenge those who may find the material too easy.”

Why is this event important to the Vancouver tech community?

“The growth of our community is only hindered by the talent that is available. Learning HTML and CSS to programming is like learning the ABC’s to reading and writing. It is the perfect place to start! I hope that a day learning HTML and CSS will give participants the confidence to be creative, as well as a set of tools and a curiosity for all things development.”

“For a beginner, the thought of diving into web or software development probably sounds a bit daunting. Events like this can break down the perception that you need to be a genius to write code. Let’s get people excited about what they can achieve in one day. Where they can go from there holds infinite possibilities.”

What do you hope to get out of your experience?

“Mostly, I am looking to pay it forward. I have had, and still have, fantastic mentors that help me learn everyday. When I have helped others in the past, I have gained so much perspective, especially from those people with a fresh outlook. The process makes me think about why I do things the way I do. It is as much a learning experience for me, as it is for them.”

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