Creating your own Slideshow and Content tabs with Drupal 8 Theme Libraries and Slick

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Leah Wagner

We at The Jibe, and all of us in the Vancouver Drupal community, are happy to host the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit this weekend in Vancouver. I am personally very excited to be presenting at this event for the fourth time -- professing my love for theme libraries and all they let us achieve in Drupal 8.

This presentation was inspired by a blog series that we recently published on the Acquia Developer Center blog. Whether you couldn’t make it up to Vancouver this year or you just had to see another great session, I have assembled some assets and links that will fill you in.

Screen Recording & Slides

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Visit the Acquia Developer Center blog for full articles

PART 1: Drupal 8 DIY: Creating a Slideshow with Theme Libraries and Slick

This summer, we were excited to launch a new website for Scanse. After our initial review, we knew that our requirement for slideshow and content tabs functionality could not be addressed with a contributed module at that time. Read more on Acquia Developer Center

PART 2: Drupal 8 DIY: Creating Content Tabs with Theme Libraries and Slick

We decided to lean on theme libraries and slick again. But wait… slick is for slideshows right? Yes, it is. But when you think about it, how different are content tabs? Read more on Acquia Developer Center

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