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Francis Pilon

Bablingo! is an innovative solution for creating and distributing press releases to targeted, interested audiences. While traditional online PR engines like PRWeb or PR Newswire use the “Spray and Pray” method, Bablingo! helps you zero in on those journalists, bloggers and other influencers who actually care about your content and are thus more likely to share your news. The result: better coverage of your stories, better return on your PR investment.

The Bablingo! online presence is both a sales tool used to attract new clients and an execution tool used to distribute releases for its users. During the product development phase, The Bablingo! team spent a lot of time interviewing bloggers and journalists in order to find out their preferred way of being contacted. Interestingly but not surprisingly, Twitter came out as the preferred channel of communication.

the twist

Using Twitter to contact journalists and bloggers introduced two major complications: 1 ) scalability ( e.g. the ability to send hundreds of tweets per hour ), and 2) the risk of being labelled as a Twitter spammer and effectively breaking the distribution model.

the solution

Through discussions with Twitter’s Director of Business Development we chose to use multiple Twitter accounts to broadcast the news releases. We built a back-end system that allows a throttled distribution mechanism so that we never hit a given account’s limits.

the results

Bablingo! emerged from a private Beta phase in late spring 2012. While still in its infancy, Bablingo! is very promising. Targetting the tweet recipients accurately has allowed Bablingo! to be recognized as a good Twittizen. This process combines both automation and human validation to ensure that the choices of the recipients always match the topic of the news release. The price of a news release is much lower than the competition and yet delivers excellent results for its clients.