We don't have a B-team.

We are an accomplished team of eCommerce experts located in Vancouver, Canada. For over a decade, JIBE has been the trusted agency of better-life brands looking to elevate their online presence.

Our clients' passion is our drive—which is why we choose to partner with businesses that are built on enriching their customers’ lives. These established brands come to us when they’re ready to take their eCommerce experience from adequate to impactful.

If you demand authentic collaboration and are motivated to improve performance, revenue and overall customer experience, we are the eCommerce agency you’ve been looking for.

Why we're different.

You won't see many other agencies offering a Service Level Agreement. We are committed to delivering on our promises, from beginning to end. Excellent results don’t happen by accident—they require a sound partnership, a practiced work ethic and a studious commitment to a shared set of goals.

You can trust us—we enthusiastically agree that we will:

  • Return your call or email within one business day.

  • Provide the best possible value while building a mutually beneficial long term relationship.

  • Let you know when you can expect to hear back from us.

  • Be transparent about our collective successes and challenges.

  • Have a clear plan of action and next steps that you can rely on.

  • Always be polite, friendly and professional.

We're hiring.

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