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eCommerce Solutions: Creative Copy for Customer Success - Part 2

flat design image of a typewriter

At the beginning of the week we shared a few actionable insights to improve your online store’s customer experience. Today we’ll dive into new concepts, but more of less pick up right where we left off!

eCommerce Platforms: Customer Service as a Marketing Channel [Infographic]

You might be looking at your marketing checklist and asking yourself where customer service sits amongst the billion other items you're suppose to tend to. Well, considering more than half of consumers would pay more for a better customer experience and that it takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for a negative one; quick, effective service should be at the very top of your list. Let's put the customer back in customer service and make it easier to have a positive experience with your brand.

eCommerce Solutions: Innovative Ways to Improve Your Customer's Experience - Part 1

customer service agent in flat design

We understand you're up against big players such as Amazon.com, but your small online shop can find greater success with a unique product and a memorable customer experience.

eCommerce Platforms: How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line [Infographic]

Just when you thought you were being clever by cutting Saturday afternoon lineups at the mall by making your purchase online, your web page turns white. No, it's not your landlord's cat playing around with the internet wires again upstairs, it's the load time of the eCommerce website. In the world of eCommerce, retailers need to be aware of how loading times will affect their bottom line. It's difficult enough getting an internet user's attention these days -- don't waste your limited resources on a site only to have them bounce as soon as they arrive.

eCommerce Logistics: 3 Strategies for Drop Shipping Success - Part 4

parachute dropping a box

Last week in “eCommerce Logistics: Suppliers and Retailers - Part 3,” we touched on how drop shipping alters the conventional relationships between suppliers and retailers. This week in “Part 4,” we’ll address three distinctive strategies for drop shipping success.


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