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eCommerce Solutions: "Internet of Things" and the Retail Experience

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The increased connection between people, products, data and the things we’re all experiencing in our day-to-day lives, which some credit as the “Internet of Things” (IoT), is helping companies in the retail industry get smarter about the products and services they offer their customers and how they deliver them. As a result, shoppers are having more exciting experiences and businesses are maximizing their profit margins.

eCommerce Solutions: How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment [Infographic]

Online shopping is suppose to be convenient and seamless. A lot of eCommerce platforms are building on this notion, especially the big players such as Amazon.com where you can checkout with one click. Small and mid-sized businesses can easily incorporate this seamless experience into their online stores, with the help of a dedicated eCommerce platform provider.

eCommerce Solutions: Can Your Online Store Handle Holiday Traffic?

flat design graphic of a christmas tree in a price tag


Whether you’re a big time online retailer, or a small mom and pop shop, your eCommerce site should provide an easy and user-friendly experience for all holiday shoppers. To align this timeless marketing and sale principle with your digital efforts, you must confirm that your server can handle an increase in traffic during the busy holiday season.

eCommerce Solutions: Personalized Content Delivery Based On Geographical Location

We recently launched two projects that use location detection to customize content that is delivered on a website. This feature is becoming a seemingly common trend among companies who focus on the personalization of a user's experience. We believe organizations gravitate towards this functionality because of the increased levels of engagement, which ultimately increase conversion rates and a stronger connection with a brand.


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