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eCommerce Platforms: The API Revolution [Infographic]

It's fairly clear that we’re in the midst of a massive advancement in the way we interact with the Internet and the connected world. What's even clearer is that APIs are standing on the front lines of these changes.

The following infographic from SmartBear explains the basics of what APIs are, how we use them, and why it’s so important to understand the technological, economic, and social changes that are developing as a result of the API Revolution.

eCommerce Solutions: Connecting with Multi-screen Viewers

flat graphic pattern

With the rise of smartphone and tablets, it’s not surprising that there’s been a surge in multi-screening behaviours. 90% of shoppers move sequentially between one device to another to complete a task whether it be shopping, planning a trip, or browsing content. And simultaneous multi-screening is already the norm in living rooms, with nearly 40% of smartphone users watching TV while browsing their smartphones on a daily basis. [1]

eCommerce Platforms: How Millennials Shop [Infographic]

There is no demographic that is more appealing to marketers than the millenials -- those born between 1981 and 2000. They have money and abstain from traditional methods of communication in favour of a life largely spent online. Here are some recent statistics from Adweek about your favourite target audience from three recent studies -- with varying sample sizes and commpositions -- that focus on different aspects of millennial behaviour.

eCommerce Solutions: Adapting Your Company to Mobile

flat graphic of a mobile device

Answer us this: who holds the mobile position in your company? Does your team have a sufficient sense of urgency around the topic? How do you ensure mobile is a consideration for all of your teams?

eCommerce Solutions: The Impact of Mobile On Your Digital Objectives

responsive flat graphic

A lot of you may be wondering if you should focus your efforts on building a mobile website, or a mobile app for your online storefront. Well, the answer is both because each caters to a different type of customer. Characteristically, an app is most well-known as a bookmark for loyal customers who want to easily interact with your brand. A mobile site is for everyone else that your brand encounters. 


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