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eCommerce Solutions: Improving Site Navigation

navigation wheel flat graphic

Your online storefront should be easy to navigate and should help shoppers discover products quickly. Good site navigation enhances the shopping experience and increases sales and profits.

Website design includes a thorough understanding of user experience patterns, preferences, conventions, and branding. While design should express your brand’s personality and values, it should also provide familiar and intuitive navigation that users recognize.

eCommerce Infographics: Consumer Psychology & the Checkout

Have you ever wondered what went through your customer's head as they clicked the buy button?

VoucherCloud conducted some research recently in the form of an infographic, that revealed some interesting insights into the psychology of the online shopper. 85% of people said they read online reviews before making a purchase and one third of shoppers admitted to purchasing an item after being influenced by a video. Their research also looks into why we abandon sales at the chekout, which is primarily becauseof hidden charges and having to register before buying.

How to assess volume and value of keywords in a given market

Select small considered set of keywords and bid on them through AdWords

Here's a very informative video by Moz's co-founder Rand Fishkin on How to Estimate the Total Volume and Value of Keywords in a Given Market or Niche which complements well the famed lean methodology's fake AdWords campaign used to assess demand for a new online product or service.

eCommerce Solutions: Erasing Borders in eCommerce

flat graphic of an eraser

eCommerce has opened a lot of doors for shoppers to purchase goods from all over the country. Now, retailers and delivery companies are creating as many new opportunities for shoppers to buy goods from across the globe.

Why Drupal 8 is truly awesome for service providers

 the red pill or the blue pill

A couple days ago, I received the first in a series of white papers created by the Drupal Association to help Drupal service providers prepare for (and arguably market) Drupal 8.


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