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Degrees of Parallax

As a phenomenon, parallax occurs when an object undergoes an apparent change in position relative to the distance of observation. Used on a digital screen, parallax depends on the movement of the screen by scrolling or swiping, rather than movement of the observer, in this case, the user.  

You may have encountered parallax lately if you are an iPhone user; it accounts for the floating app icon effect on the most recent operating system, iOs 7.

That’s a wrap on the 2013 Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit!

Over the past few months, The Jibe had the opportunity to have a hand in sponsoring and organizing this year’s Pacific-Northwest Drupal Summit. The sold out conference brought another year of great sessions with inspiring and talented speakers as well as a chance to connect with some of our fellow Drupaleers.

Getting the Most Out of Search API, Solr, and Views

I had the opportunity to present on Search API, Solr, and Views at this year's Pacific North West Drupal Summit. These are technologies that we use regularly for our client sites. Search can be a huge part of a site, and solr is a great way to implement search.

Pacific-Northwest Drupal Summit

This upcoming weekend members of our team will be speaking at the Pacific-Northwest Drupal Summit, held this year in Vancouver.

An idea for Google Analytics' Real Time API

Realtime Analytics graph bar

On August 1, Google launched an API to access Real Time Analytics. The API allows one to programmatically retrieve the number of visitors interacting with a page at a given time through a series of dimensions (eg: a breakdown of a given set of metrics across common criteria) such as traffic sources, platform and device, geo information, page and app tracking.


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