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Pacific-Northwest Drupal Summit

This upcoming weekend members of our team will be speaking at the Pacific-Northwest Drupal Summit, held this year in Vancouver.

An idea for Google Analytics' Real Time API

Realtime Analytics graph bar

On August 1, Google launched an API to access Real Time Analytics. The API allows one to programmatically retrieve the number of visitors interacting with a page at a given time through a series of dimensions (eg: a breakdown of a given set of metrics across common criteria) such as traffic sources, platform and device, geo information, page and app tracking.

Developing cross-team guiding principles

This article is a collaboration with Mary Ellen Sanajko, owner of Conduit Coaching, a coaching firm providing team, personal and executive leadership coaching. Mary Ellen has been providing us with insights for nearly three years.

Team tuning

This article charts some new territory for us in working with clients and partners. We have been trying a new approach to cross team collaboration which has been quite valuable.

A few weeks back, The Jibe headed off to Kelowna, accompanied by Andrew and Adam from The Still, to meet with a (then) potential client: The Garage Sale Auction Events. We had learned long ago that joining forces with external creative / communication teams lets us focus on what we’re really good at: all things technical.

Feeds: importing multiple values into one multi-value field

Tampering will not void the warranty!

This post is a short how-to on importing data from multiple fields of a comma separated value (CSV) file into one multi-value field using the Drupal Feeds Tamper.

Chances are you have been in a situation where you need to import some data into a Drupal site. The data was provided to you in a CSV file. Because you are smart and know better than to spend your client’s money writing your own code for this, you grab the Feeds module which conveniently includes a CSV parser.

Leveraging social tools for a tailored online shopping experience


Over the last few months, the Jibe team has been increasingly focused on providing effective e-commerce solutions. As such, we have been paying attention to various sales and marketing strategies that are emerging in the e-commerce world to that are designed to increase customer engagement.


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