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eCommerce Solutions: The Impact of Mobile On Your Digital Objectives

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A lot of you may be wondering if you should focus your efforts on building a mobile website, or a mobile app for your online storefront. Well, the answer is both because each caters to a different type of customer. Characteristically, an app is most well-known as a bookmark for loyal customers who want to easily interact with your brand. A mobile site is for everyone else that your brand encounters. 

eCommerce Platforms: The Anatomy of an Optimized Web Page [Infographic]

The way you set up your web page -- whether it is the design, copy, or placement of various elements -- can have an immense impact on how your site ranks in search results. For those who are not expert web developers or SEO specialists, web page optimization can feel complicated and overwhelming. Last month we touched on what to look out for with Google’s New Mobile-friendly Search Algorithm. To complement this information, SurePayroll's infographic does a great job of deconstructing each element of a web page. Following these basic steps, you will be able to build your brand, reach more people with your content and gain a larger social following!

eCommerce Solutions: Canadian eCommerce Trends for 2015 [Infographic]

Not too long ago, there was a lot of attention towards Target Corp's exit from Canada's retail market. It may have shook up the Canadian retail landscape, but one major retailer doesn’t paint the entire picture. In fact, Canadian eCommerce is booming, just check out the data Tenzing outlined in their latest infographic:

eCommerce Solutions: How Mobile Is Changing Customer Loyalty

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Deploying loyalty programs can be a difficult for most retailers. The rewards are often challenging to determine and many still might not find that their initiatives stand apart from other programs.

eCommerce Solutions: Boost Your Revenue Through Upselling and Cross Selling [Infographic]

Time and time again retailers resort to the two main ways of growing revenue: driving more traffic to the website and boosting the conversion rates. While those two ways are effective, there is also another way to increase revenue... by increasing your average order value. A simple way to do that is through upselling and cross selling your products.

In order to teach you how you can implement this tactic into your business, QuickSprout outlines it in their very own infographic:


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