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eCommerce Stores That Are Responsive Are Making 188% + More Revenue


In the land of eCommerce, it’s responsive web design (RWD) or bust. Since Ethan Marcotte first started writing about it over 5 years ago, RWD has been helping online retailers boost profits and increase conversion through optimizing the customer experience and buyer journey.

Reading List - Week of May 6


So many exciting news in the eCommerce world this week! It' really great to see our industry evolving quickly over the last months. 

Should You Really Be A/B Testing?


A/B (or multivariate) testing is a widely adopted optimization technique used by marketers and technologists which purpose is to fine-tune a digital property (web page, email, etc.) to produce the best possible outcomes. It’s a data-driven approach to ensuring well-informed decisions are being made. From design and calls-to-action, to headline copy and product photography, there’s endless ways to leverage A/B testing.

Reading List - Week of April 29


Well, well well, May is (already) around the corner! Time goes so fast! It's time to take a break to enjoy a meaningful and relaxing experience. Here is our weekly selection of news. Hope you're going to like it!

Mobile eCommerce Guide Part IV: How to Build Design-Centric Mobile Experiences


In the past weeks, we have examined the mobile consumer and put mobile at the center of omni-channel eCommerce. Let’s now look at how to ensure that the digital experiences we create are truly user-friendly for mobile consumers.


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