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Infographic: How Canadians Shop

Mobile is changing the way we shop. As a merchant, what are you doing to keep up with the rapidly changing behaviours? 80% of mobile search happens where a computer is also available. With that in mind, shoppers want answers, now. Shoppers are not only buying through their smartphones, they are also researching. More in-store shoppers are on their smartphones looking up information and reading reviews on your products. Think With Google recently collected data on how mobile is changing the game and influencing consumers -- all of which, they highlighted in an infographic th

The eCommerce Purchase Journey - Part 2

flat graphic of ecommerce transactions

Last week, in Part 1, we discussed what it took to win the micro-moments with your customers. This week we’ll dive further into this, as well as look into the eCommerce purchase journey.

I-Want-to-Buy eCommerce Moments - Part 1

mobile shopping flat graphic

For today’s constantly connected consumers, shopping never sleeps. [1] Whether we're buying for an everyday item or searching for a big-ticket item, we reflexively turn to our smartphones. These I-want-to-buy moments are important for consumers, and they are crucial for brands. As a retailer, are you winning these micro-moments?

eCommerce Infographics: Drupal 8 Introduction

With more than 200 new features and improvements, the upcoming release of the world’s leading open source web content management platform will win many web developers over.

Drupal 8 will set a new standard for ease of use, while offering new ways to tailor and deploy content to the web. Developers will have the opportunity to easily customize data structures, listings, and pages, and take advantage of new capabilities for displaying data on mobile devices, building APIs, and adapting to multilingual needs.

eCommerce Infographics: Holiday Trends to Watch in 2015

In 2014, holiday shopping started as early as Halloween. Given the holiday creep, will you be ready for the moments that matter -- when they still matter? To help you prepare, Google recently put together their data and research from the 2014 holiday season and developed the infographic below. Here's their list of trends to watch:


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