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Chaucer Foreshadowed the Drupal 6 Lifecycle

The renowned English poet Geoffrey Chaucer once said that all good things must come to an end. Chaucer wasn’t thinking of software back in 1374, but for the purposes of this article, it is a useful proverb. The end is coming for Drupal 6.

PHPFarm - How to run multiple versions of PHP on the same computer

PHPFarm was created by Christian Weiske primarily for the PEAR continuous integration machine.  It makes compiling, configuring, and running multiple versions of PHP on the same computer about as easy as possible. Each instance of PHP can have its own compile options, pear/pecl modules, and php.ini. Additionally, you can configure apache (or your favourite web server) to use different instances of PHP on a per-site basis; so if for instance you are migrating a Drupal 5 site forward to Drupal 7, you can run the old site on PHP 5.2 and the new one on PHP 5.4 on the same development machine. Similarly, if you are updating a server between PHP versions this allows you to test the site on the new version on your development system, and correct any issues before they become a problem. Not everyone needs this sort of flexibility, but if you do, PHPFarm is the best option I've found.

Hunter Boots and Integrated Ecommerce

Following up on our recent post on The Three C’s and integrated e-commerce, we look today at British heritage brand Hunter.

Hunter differentiates their online shopping experience from the competition through an immersive and content-rich site that sells a lifestyle; providing visitors with an unbroken brand narrative that incorporates the customer’s discovery and shopping experience.

The Evolution of Work: Extinction of the 9-5

Work CultureContemporary technology has given society the ability to collaborate over long distances, stretch our working hours into the early mornings of a new day, and be liberated from menial every-day tasks. With this kind of flexibility why does the prescribed Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm work schedule persist? Why should we be constrained to foosball table infested offices, bosu ball seats, or standing desks? Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with this, but surely there is a better way to maximize on our well-being and creative potential, and break outside of societal routine. Let’s look into the unrealized and budding future of a liberated work culture–our utopia.

Reconsidering the Bolt-on Store

What is a bolt-on?

A “bolt-on” is an ecommerce store that is simply tacked on to an existing website to enable online sales.


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