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Providing Value

In our exploration of the ecommerce landscape–the digital retail sector on course to overtake sales growth of brick-and-mortar stores in the next five years, we have noticed a need to investigate sustainable models that deliver a valuable experience for contemporary digital users, specifically online shoppers.

How to Avoid the Headaches Associated with Shopping for Technology

 How to avoid headaches associated with shopping for technologyFinding the right software stack can be a nightmare for SMB. In a recent article, the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)  set out to help business owners tackle the daunting task of finding the right technology (and technology providers) as their business grows.

Mobile User Satisfaction: 5 Bite-sized Takeaways

               mobile user

Get Elastic recently interviewed Larry Freed of customer experience analytics company Foresee on optimizing mobile sites for user experience. Highly insightful, we decided to condense the post into 5 key takeaways.

PeaceGeeks & Amani: Interview with Renee Black


PeaceGeeks is a Vancouver-based organization that matches various specialized volunteers with grassroots organizations focused on the promotion of peace, human rights, and accountability in developing and conflict-affected areas around the world. They provide valuable support to improve the digital reach of these organizations, on everything from strategic planning to technical training. The Jibe Team boasts two of our own as PeaceGeeks contributors–Steve and Sheila.

Consumer Psychology and the Online Checkout

What were they thinking?

This infographic via vouchercloud gives statistical insight into the quick decision-making of shoppers around completing an online purchase. 

Consumer Psychology and the Ecommerce Checkout


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